doctor guy
Donoharm ruben
Usnavi De La Vega


Ruben Macardo


Fucking Babe



Relationship status

Prolly Had Fun With The Sex Doll

Portrayed by

Lin-Manuel Miranduh

Sexual Orientation


It's fucking on babe

Fight me

Dr. Ruben Marcado is a character on Do No Harm. He is a clinical pharmacologist who helps suppress Dr. Jason Cole's alter ego Ian Price.

He is shown to be an awfully good friend throughout the series, helping Dr. Jason Cole out throughout the duration of the 11 episodes that he is seen in despite getting nothing in return.

In fact, Ruben being such a great man lead to his demise in the episode "Im Allergic to Cats" when he leaves on a flight to Jamacia with Ian following him. It is hinted in both the end of that episode as well as episodes 12 and 13 that he never retrieved his bags, and that Ian was somehow involved in his disappearance.

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